Though no longer with us, these beautiful Collies still appear in our current pedigrees, and their beauty and charisma still shine through in every new Ballyhara puppy.

Vennessee's N' O'Hara's Bonnie Blue.  Bonnie is the foundation for all Ballyhara Collies.  A beautiful blend of Vi-Lee and Vennessee families, she held many of the virtues for which we still select.
Ch. Ballyhara's Black Eyed Susan (Ch. Kitleigh Knickerbocker x Vennessee's N O'Hara's Bonnie Blue). Susie was the epitome of what a Ballyhara collie should be.  Extremely intelligent, a bit mischievous, loyal and sensitive, with exquisite Collie expression.  She was the dam of 6 champions, and most importantly, a beloved member of our family. 
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Ch. Ballyhara Strike Up the Band ROM. (Ch. Voyageur's the Entertainer x Ch. Ballyhara Black Eyed Susan).  Desi was the sire of 34 collie champions in very limited breeding, making him the 22nd highest champion producing Collie of all time.  With Desi's sire, we were able to blend some of the illustrious California Collie families including Shoreham, Cinderella, and Society into our breeding program. Desi was fortunate enough to live most of his adult life with Martha Ramer of Society collies, and we owe her a debt of gratitude for guiding his career and providing him a wonderful home.  Desi personified our ideal head type, and consistently produced these qualities in his offspring. 
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Click on the link Below to read Desi's story in Collie Expressions!
Additional Champions or Major Pointed Collies Bred by Ballyhara

Ballyahra Eleanor Rigby (14 pts 3 majors)
Vennessee Ballyhara Kaizen (5 pt major)
Ch. Ballyhara Stoneridge Splash
Ch. Kanebriar Ballyhara Ballad
Ch. Stirling Society Outstandish
Sh. Society The Slayer
Ch. Society Once and Again